Prophetic Art Workshops

Current Workshop Registration Flame Tree in Nambour 6th August 2016
Current Workshop Registration Artists Central in Wamberal 27th August 2016
Current Workshop Registration Gateway in Adelaide 2nd-3rd Sept 2016

Prophetic Art Workshops are a ‘hands on’ opportunity to be inspired to release the creative gift we were all born with, and be empowered in your own journey as a prophetic artist.

Wendy Manzo has a mandate to release joy and freedom into your painting process. She is renown for guiding each student with individual care according to his/her passion and skill level. Her workshops are an opportunity to see and paint with a broader understanding of how to tap into your creative intuition and personal expression. She will help you develop sensitivity to what the Spirit of God is saying to you and through your artwork. Wendy’s vision is to empower you to create art that impacts people’s mind, body and spirit.

Prophetic Art Workshop

A workshop with Wendy Manzo designed to uncover your unique potential.

Wendy’s passion is to see transformation in people’s lives as healing is released through prophetic art. In this workshop you will explore working directly from your imagination and learn how to develop your own language of creativity. The workshop is suitable for all levels of artist and will focus on the mysterious process of transforming inspirational ideas into tangible paintings. Our time includes plenty of practical ‘hands on’ experience tailored to your individual needs, with a view to release and develop your creative gifts. Both beginning and seasoned artists find this workshop challenging and rewarding.

You may experience one or more of the following:

  • Being activated in the prophetic.
  • Receiving prophetic words and encouragement that brings new awareness of God’s personal knowledge of you.
  • Healing, emotional and/or physical.
  • Released in creativity.
  • Realizing personally that your God-given creative gifts combined with the prophetic can be an amazing way to communicate God’s heart.

At the completion of the workshop, participants usually achieve a dynamic and original artwork regardless of your level of experience, and gain the tools and momentum to continue creating in the future.

Worship Team Development Workshop

A workshop with Wendy Manzo designed for those with a vision to restore the arts to the church.

This workshop is designed for artists and those seeking to develop their artistic gifts, with an emphasis on activating those interested in forming prophetic art groups within their local Christian church, and/or in the marketplace.

We explore aspects of Art Worship, the heart of the Worship Artist, and Team Building. The workshop includes individual prayer, seeking the Lord for His inspiration and intentions, with an emphasis on helping you discover the next steps to take. Structured to meet your individual needs as well as to help you and your group to develop your creative ministry further. This includes Q&A time with Wendy to review your ministry, calling and destiny, and further explore revelation for your alignment with Kingdom purposes.

This is a two-day workshop. The first day is equal to the one-day Prophetic Art Workshop. Church Pastors and Worship Directors are encouraged to attend the workshop with their team, and to facilitate this we do not charge an attendance fee for 1 – 2 leadership positions.

Wendy Manzo is respected as a leader in Australian art worship, has almost 25 years experience in ministry, including 8 years leading art worship and mentoring visual artists for DaySpring Church, Sydney, and over 14 years as an exhibiting expressionist artist. Wendy is one of a small number of live prophetic speed-painters in the world. Wendy is dedicated to releasing spiritually powerful art into our communities and culture.

Workshop Testimonials

We have many, many stories of personal breakthroughs from those who have attended our Prophetic Art Workshops. Here are a few… 

“Spending a day with Wendy changes your perspective of freedom. She has a way of connecting a person’s heart to their mind and spirit that creates an atmosphere of joy and acceptance. I had a personal experience in her Prophetic Art Workshop that led me to appreciate ‘getting lost and in touch’ when painting with my hands. I was able to trust her, trust myself, and let go of any control and the lie of perfectionism. Wendy is a real mentor, she explains her craft and is incredibly patient. Her technique and skills are not used as a lecture but a segway to identity and personal revelation. Painting was an added bonus. I felt light and relaxed after attending her workshop. It was more like calming therapy session than a class – I loved it.”
Brooke Rapic, Castle Hill

“What a wonderful day!!!
As soon as I walked into the room I was greeted with love, acceptance and friendship. I came into a place that was both encouraging and safe. My goal was to find some freedom in the way that I paint, to be able to let go and go with the flow and become fearless and surrendered. Through a series of discussions which helped me become more self aware and then through some fun activation, I was totally amazed at what and how I was able to create. I was able to shut out all that was going on around me, listen to direction given by Holy Spirit, think about the movement of my hands on the canvas and the feel of the paint under my fingers. Following God’s direction, I created a background painting on my canvas that left me stunned. It was so much more than I could have hoped for. Then with encouragement from Wendy, listening to what God was speaking, I finished painting the image I saw in my spirit.
I am thrilled with the result, I found that I can put myself in Gods hands and trust the process. Wendy time and again reminded us that “you can’t get it wrong” when you paint for God.
I achieved and delight in my breakthrough. The workshop for me was encouragement, encouragement, encouragement! I would recommend this workshop to anybody wanting to be empowered, uplifted and inspired.”
Colleen Palmer, Port Macquarie

“Born for such a time!
I came to Wendy’s Creative Breakthrough workshop not knowing what to expect, however I nurtured a sense of hopeful anticipation in my heart and found the experience far exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun & was so encouraged by the pearls of wisdom and creative insights Wendy shared. I experienced abounding joy and freedom to create something new from a place of surrender, trust and worship. It was definitely a breakthrough for me in my creativity. My first painting in over 10 years and in a style never attempted before. Wendy’s workshop has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of dreaming and encountering God’s presence and heart, and discovering new skills in the process. It was absolutely wonderful and I recommend it highly!”
Robyn Unicomb, Sunshine Coast

“Thank you so much for today. I came to your workshop expecting to learn new technique, but I got more than what I expected. I got stuck with my painting. When you started painting, I watched the freedom you were expressing. Right then I felt a release in my spirit. All along I have been painting as a victim of trauma, but today I have been realised. I am a victor. I must rise above my traumatic circumstances. My painting also began to unfold. I thank God for opening this door for me. Keep up the good work.”
Grace Chiundiza, Sydney

“I attended a Prophetic Art Workshop that Wendy Manzo ran at Catch the Fire, Sydney. It unlocked creativity in me that had lain dormant for a long time. I had basically convinced myself that I couldn’t paint yet following Wendy’s guidance I astounded myself and was completely overwhelmed with the results. Would recommend these workshops to anybody, those that are extremely gifted or those who like me, feel that they can’t do it.”
Sharon Foster, Chatswood

“I can’t thank you enough for your recent workshop at Kings. Prior to the workshop I had thought my art was not good enough, or that I had to do a gazillion courses, or be trained in order to be considered an artist. How many barriers had I created for myself? I’m not sure but there was quite a few! I would also get fierce tension headaches when I painted trying to get things “just right” and not making mistakes. A few days after the workshop I had a good laugh at myself. It’s with great joy that I share with you my new Facebook page. Had I not attended your workshop, I would not have created this page. My confidence has risen so much! My friends and family are all so happy that I’m doing this. My best friend said “Fiiiinally!” and best of all my children are proud of me! Plus, I’ve not gotten a single headache while painting since completing the workshop. You and Andy are a wonderful team!”
Jennifer Murphy, Gold Coast

“I took a step out of my comfort zone and discovered that God could use the little talent i had in a new way, to communicate how amazing he is to others. I am going to start painting in my church!”
Debbie, Canberra

“I was so blessed to participate in a workshop with Wendy Manzo at King’s Church. I used to watch her in awe when she painted at our church and never imagined I might be able to do it. I was amazed at how I just got lost in the moment of painting and I know I’m changed forever. I have so much of what Wendy said whizzing through my head and yet I know I need more!! I have millions of new painting ideas and lots of wonderful comments on my work already.”
Donna Wilson, Gold Coast

“I have received a phenomenal breakthrough in my art since attending this workshop! It has been like a flow of rushing waters was released from attending this workshop. I’m producing styles of artwork I never even knew I could paint. It has brought such a deeper and stronger sense of identity over my life and freedom to express my soul like never before. I feel the trainers are highly anointed for this ministry & feel they are forerunners for releasing creative breakthrough for such a time as this!”
Lisa, Sydney

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” ~ Pablo Picasso

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” ~ Matthew 18:3


Workshop Bookings

How to enrol & pay

You can enrol via phone 0451788252 or email or online by purchasing your Workshop through Eventbrite ticketing.

Payment in full will confirm your enrolment. Deposit of minimum 50% is required on registration and full payment is required 14 days before commencing the workshop. You may pay via Eventbrite (credit card) or by Direct Transfer.

Enrolment is dependent on availability. Minimum enrolments are required for workshops. Please note that we have an age restriction of 18+ years as we explore concepts of self-awareness that requires mature understanding.

Fees cover attendance. You will need to provide your own art materials (except for contemplative exercises where materials are included).

Venue instruction details and a suggested materials list will be sent via email upon registration.

Refunds: Please choose carefully as fees are non-refundable. Refunds on workshop will only be given if the event is cancelled or a place is not available. Deposits are not refundable. Full payment must be made 14 days prior to commencement of the workshop. “Prophetic Art Workshops” cannot accept responsibility for changes to participant’s personal circumstances that prevent attendance. No deductions or refunds are available to participants who miss sessions.

Please note: Tax invoices are available upon request. There are no child-minding facilities. WH&S requires covered shoes. “Prophetic Art Workshops” accept no responsibility for your WH&S compliance. You are responsible to take care of your own health and safety, to not affect the health and safety of others around you, to comply with lawful instructions and co-operate with the facilitators.

Privacy: “Prophetic Art Workshops” aims to protect your privacy and will not disclose your personal information. However, participation implies permission to reproduce any photographs taken during the workshop or retreat, unless otherwise stated.

What to expect for the day: Although every workshop varies because it is as individual as the participants and we are always available to the Holy Spirit for whatever He may do, you can expect teaching, prayer, prophetic activation, personal art instruction, practical painting time, and Q&A throughout the day.

We will cover:
The prophetic art story – why we do what we do.
Unlocking art – getting you out of your way.
Activation – time to release prophetic creativity.
Practical painting – freedom to paint joyfully.

The course is highly experiential and practice-based. Participants can expect to be exposed to experiences and unconscious processes that may arouse their emotions and offer opportunities for self-discovery and revelation. “Prophetic Art Workshops” aims to maintain an environment safe for each participant. You will also be asked to maintain a safe place for your fellow artists throughout the day. (Fair warning: Anyone who behaves in a disrespectful or disruptive manner will be asked to leave, with no refund.)

Please note we have allowed time within your workshop schedule to set up, pack up and clean up, and please be aware that it is your responsibility to leave your work space beautifully clean and paint-free.

What to bring:


1. Drop-sheet is vital. This is part of your discipline to protect the environment that you create in when you are not at home. No drop-sheet means no painting (and again no refund either, fair warning!) NOTE: The plastic drop-sheets from Bunnings are not really suitable as they stick to your feet and make a mess. It is worth investing in a good cloth drop-sheet, or raiding the linen cupboard for two old sheets, and keep these as part of your Painting Kit.

2. An easel if you have one. If not, the church venue may have small tables that can be used for painting. Please check with us, and bring an additional protective cloth for the table if you do not have an easel.

3. Two canvases or art paper attached to sturdy board. A good size to use is 60cm x 60cm or larger. NOTE: Canvas preparation is not essential, however your workshop experience may be more satisfying if you prepare your canvas with a background of any colour. A flat coloured gesso or Background colour from Matisse or Jo Sonja paint works well, as do student paints or any under-painting (meaning a painting you want to paint over, even if you have picked up an old canvas at Vinnies). It doesn’t matter what colour (as long as it is not white) as you WILL PAINT OVER it.

4. Basic art supplies in your preferred medium, ie acrylics, watercolours, pastels. (However, please do NOT bring oil paints or glitter paint. You will not be permitted to paint in oils or glitter at this workshop.) I suggest acrylics simply because I find them better for live speed painting and you will experience more freedom with acrylics. NOTE: If budget is an issue and you are buying new paint, buy fewer colours of the best paint you can afford. White, blue, and yellow, perhaps red. (PS. Don’t ever bother with black, ask me why in the workshop.) Student paints will disappoint you, although they are fine for a few stand-by pre-mixed colours.

5. Brushes. Bring any brushes you would normally use. Finger painting is also acceptable! I am often asked what brushes I use, here is a short list:
Large flat about 2″ wide
Superfine round size 0-000 with 1” long bristle
Superfine round size 0-000 with 1/4″ long bristle
Small flat brush 1/4″ wide
Fan brush
Old scrunched up brush (used for “whispy” effects).

6. Water container and hand-towel.

7. Paper and pen for activation exercises.

8. Optional: Note taking devices (i.e. Paper and pen, iPad, phone)

9. Optional: Other art materials could include bubble-wrap or scrunched plastic bag, feathers, fern branches, sticks, rags, paper towel.

Travelling Workshop

And finally… we also come to you. 

If you can’t make it to one of our scheduled venues (check our itinerary), or we have not scheduled in your city, please contact us and we will do our best to make a way for you.

* For 14 people or more we can bring the Workshops to you.

* We can run full day Workshops &/or 2 hr Sessions at your Church and/or Conferences.

* We can assist your church in developing an Art Worship team, or help you facilitate a prophetic art group in your area.

Contact us for individual pricing and available dates.

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