Wendy Manzo

I believe art shapes

every facet of our world

and humanity thrives in

creative atmospheres.

“I create art to bring harmony, inspiration, encouragement and strength into the atmosphere, with art as a spiritual connection between the viewer and God the divine-creator.

When painting live, I begin without preconceived ideas and allow the creative process to be spontaneously led by the Spirit. I work quickly on stage with music and allow the story and message of the art to unfold without the interference of thinking.

In the studio, I use a process of successive layering, creating surface texture and alternating between harmonious and contrasting colours. I include ideas and images conceived in more introspective times. There is always a hidden thread and a mystery in each painting for those with eyes to see, as iconic symbols often create new meanings for each person.

I aim for my art to be deeply personal for the viewer. By bringing the creation of the artwork into public spaces, the viewer is invited into the creative process and can internalise the experience as the story unfolds. I aim for connection of body, mind and spirit. I aim for art that impacts.”

I create art to bring harmony, inspiration, encouragement and strength.

Wendy Manzo is a prophetic artist, writer, teacher, and jewellery designer.

Wendy paints intuitively and spontaneously in live performance speed-painting with perceptive, powerful and often abstract prophetic images in vibrant expressions of colour and emotion. During her art career, Wendy has painted and exhibited around the world, including New York, San Francisco, Florence, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Parliament House, Canberra. Wendy is a featured artist on the Australian television program ‘Colour In Your Life’ (2013). This episode is included in The Polaris Collection, in the Lunar Codex being launched to land on the moon in 2023.

Wendy is dedicated to releasing spiritually powerful art into our communities and culture. Leading Sydney’s DaySpring Church creative arts worship team (2005-2014) birthed a passion to motivate and inspire a myriad of intuitive artists. Wendy achieves this through the Creative Hearts Art gallery on the Gold Coast (2019-2022), and facilitating Prophetic Art Workshops throughout Australia (2013-2022), teaching key transforming principles that launch people into their destiny, as well as promoting Prophetic Art Australia and The Prophetic Artist, two networking groups that connect worship artists globally. Wendy is also a member of the Australian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ACAL).

Wendy is passionate about the marriage between Art and Theology and believes in training artists to develop intellectually, spiritually, and artistically. Wendy mentors emerging prophetic artists in The Prophetic Artist Community. She also completed her Master of Arts (Christian Studies) in 2022 and holds degrees in Ministry, Teaching, and Media and Communications.

Wendy Manzo is the author of  ‘The Prophetic Artist’, ’40 Days Hath November’, ‘Fragile as Sea Foam’, ‘Art That Impacts’, ‘Shut Up and Write That Book’, and blogs here and on The Prophetic Artist site. Titles upcoming are ‘Brush Tales’ and ‘88 Days: The Trauma Recovery Road’. Together with her husband, Andy Hamish Smith, she facilitates transformational creative arts training programs.

The name Manzo has been synonymous with fine diamond jewellery since Manzo Diamonds and Park Lane Jewellers were established in 1952. Like her father before her, Wendy Manzo is regarded as one of Australia’s top jewellery designers. As the master-designer, diamond grader and gemmologist at Wendy Manzo Diamonds, formerly at the Hilton (1985-1991) and Piccadilly (1991-2011) in Pitt Street, Sydney, Wendy continues to create beautiful bespoke jewellery of superior quality.

Put some Colour In Your Life. Wendy Manzo is interviewed by Graeme Stevenson OAM in this fine art Television show (Season 4, Ep7). She paints live on camera and shares about her paintings, including tips and techniques, and the art materials she uses.

ART on a Mission to the Moon! All 285 Colour In Your Life episodes, including Wendy’s episode, are part of The Lunar Codex SpaceX payload launching to the Moon in 2023. Exclusively preserved on nickel-shielded digital memory in the time capsule, the Polaris Collection is an expansive, international, and diverse collection of contemporary art and culture.

The Colour In Your Life TV series is an art show that takes you into the everyday studios of artists from around the world. While in the studio they share their individual techniques with the viewer in a creative atmosphere with the delightful host and fellow artist Graeme Stevenson and other CIYL team members. The Australian-produced Colour In Your Life series is currently filmed in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

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Water of Life painting by Wendy Manzo