'The Voice in the Paint'

The Voice in the Paint. The Blood Speaks.

Symbolism of the Poppy in Prophetic Paintings.

Red Poppy flowers are the enduring symbol of remembrance and the blood sacrifice for freedom. Spiritually, they symbolise the blood that speaks through eternity, the blood of Jesus. Lest We Forget. International prophetic artists, photographers, and writers, creatively express their revelation of poppies, edited by Wendy Manzo

'Paint With God'

‘How to Paint With God: Increase your Prophetic Art skills’ ~ Prophetic artists create art with an anointing that makes way for the Holy Spirit to transform lives and bring healing and hope.

Knowing where to start, how to start, and finding the time are blocks for emerging prophetic artists. This guide equips you with tools to make it easier.

'88 Days'

88 days: Road to Recovery from Trauma.

88 Days is a unique ‘grief model of change’. We must travel through four quadrants to renew our passion for life after trauma. Help is here now in this beautifully illustrated devotional-style chronicle.

Ponder. Perceive. Breathe.

'40 Days hath November'

’40 Days hath November ~ Personal Prophetic Paintings’ is the prophetic words and Wendy’s process in creating them in November 2018. Each painting carries the life of the divine Spirit, and the words continue to speak encouragement, comfort, and strength into your heart. 

'Fragile as Sea Foam'

Fragile as Sea Foam: Fleeting expressions in Poetry and Painting.

Poetry and paintings from Wendy’s early years explore themes of love, loss, and the unspeakable pain of betrayal. Wendy’s personal life reflections pose questions that take you on a journey, from an aching hunger for connection to stories of redemptive courage. Hoping you’ll find solace in every wave that rushes between your toes.

'Shut Up and Write That Book'

Have you been told, “You should write a book”? You thought about it and talked about it for years, but … nothing! It’s no secret writers struggle with focus.

If you are stuck somewhere between a plethora of words tumbling in your mind and the blank page in front of you, this book will release you.  Learn the tools of self-discovery to conquer that enemy called ‘procrastination’ and get yourself out of the way!

'Art That Impacts'

Artists shape the world. God’s extraordinary army of artists are like prisms, refracting the light of heaven, bringing beauty and meaning to earth, and elevating all that is good. In 2015 Wendy believed an explosion in the number of artists God released to do His work was coming soon and she set out to capture a ‘snapshot in time’ of Australia’s prophetic artists in a series of interviews. ‘Art That Impacts’ is the collective thoughts of those artists.

'Brush Tales'

A collection of art and tales blending prose, personal history, fiction and myth with the Father’s heart revealed on canvas. Exhibited as “Brush Tales: Wordless Stories”, Wendy Manzo’s images sparked the inspiration for words written by a selection of authors. Enjoy a journey into the imagination of these storytellers.