handcrafted custom-made jewellery 

Wendy Manzo makes dreams come true.

She turns beautiful love stories into exquisite pieces of jewellery. 

No matter where you are in the world, you can work directly with Wendy and together develop your ideas until you are wearing your piece of ‘perfection’.

Contact Wendy to personally design your custom made jewellery 

Tiara ring
Amethyst Ring
Diamond- necklace
Danielle ring
Blue Topaz pendant
Ceylon Sapphire ring
Aquamarine & Rose Tourmaline ring
Jessie diamond gold ring
Tanzanite ring
Brilliant cut and Square Carre cut Diamond Ring
Starlight ring
RICX6393 pendant
Prince of Peace diamond and gold brooch
Peridot and Citrine ring
Christmas rings Sapphires blue yellow rubies jewellery
Lord of the Rings

Gemstone Legends

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Lifelong Creative Journey

Wendy Manzo’s jewellery designs are defined by the clear, clean, simple aesthetics of excellent-cut gemstones and the meticulous delicate balance of master-crafted pieces. And no wonder, Wendy grew up enveloped by beautiful jewellery. She could not help but define ‘beauty’ as the translucent purity of colour in natural gemstones and the perfection of minuscule details in handcrafted gold.

With a lifetime of experience, Wendy Manzo is regarded as one of Australia’s top jewellery designers. As the master designer, diamond grader and gemmologist at Wendy Manzo Diamonds, she continues to source the finest diamonds and gems to create beautiful bespoke jewellery of superior quality.

Wendy says, “It’s hard to be precise when I say I love working with beautiful things. We all see beauty differently. I have favourites, I adore diamonds, but really my greatest privilege is working for people who are wonderfully in love. I celebrate the best time of their lives, and I know their rings will become family heirlooms and treasured forever.

Engagements and proposals - rings by Wendy Manzo
Robert Manzo history collage

Strong Heritage

The name Manzo has been synonymous with fine diamond jewellery since Manzo Diamonds and Park Lane Jewellers were established in 1952. On the corner of Pitt and Park St, close to Town Hall in Sydney, Robert Manzo with his brother Les, began what was to become Manzo Park Lane Diamonds, selling beautiful fine diamond engagement rings to jewellers all across the country.

Little did he know that 33 years later his daughter would embark on Wendy Manzo Diamonds just a stone’s throw away at the Hilton 255 Pitt Street (1985-1991), moving across the road to Piccadilly 210 Pitt Street (1991-2011).

Wendy says, “My father taught me to design jewellery by drawing the rings he made over and over again, saying ‘draw what you see and not what you think you see’. You really had to think through the technical aspect. He’d say, ‘if you can’t draw it then the jeweller can’t make it’. He was a great teacher and the most innovative jeweller I’ve seen in 40 years of making jewellery.”