Seven Spheres of Prayer


Seven Spheres of Prayer

Painted: 1st Sept 2018 at The New Wineskin Apostolic leaders conference, Gold Coast, Qld

Painted live in this morning’s short but inspirational worship with Elliot Bonser, this painting represents prayer that is the utmost foundation for all of our visions, missions and plans within our spheres of influence. The desires are planted into our hearts by God, but it is only through powerful and intentional prayer partnerships that our destiny is fulfilled. Partnering with the Holy Spirit and with each other.

I realised I was painting a recent conversation with Len Rossow (Gold Coast House of Prayer) and then I noticed each stream of root system had different styles of brush strokes. Each strategy of prayer will be different, each prayer team will be different. We come with the same Christian world-view but it is expressed in many ways. Heaven celebrates our diversity!

Then I used a plastic wrap to “smoosh” and “smack” over the roots and realised it was a prophetic act – that in the spirit realm I was cross-pollinating prayer from each of the churches and teams represented at the leaders conference. The process of painting was the prophetic component and not necessarily the finished painting.

Dr Joseph Mattera taught on the seven (10, 15, many!) mountains (spheres) within society and how to reach these mountains of culture through the mountain of God. (Read the book: ‘Understanding the Wineskin of the Kingdom’)

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