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The Making Of ‘Get In The Boat’

Matt 17:10 … you will say to this mountain “move from here to there” and it will move…

Mountains represent authority. When I recognise who my authority is, then nothing will be impossible. So often I hang onto to the “fridge door” verse that nothing is impossible and totally forget the context of the verse. Firstly, do I have the faith of a mustard seed? Faith with the ability to grow? And have I said to the mountain (authority) MOVE!

These were the thoughts I had for painting for Connections. I had been searching my mind and spirit for symbols of authority. On the early morning drive to Cairns, the misty mountains were shrouded in very low cloud. Ahhhh there was my symbol – the mountain – and my subject to paint.

As I painted and the mountain and sea formed on the canvas, I was aware of “something” coming through the water – out of chaos and toward the stillness in the distance. I admit I was a bit lost in the moment and His presence, but I suddenly thought “oh it’s a boat” and I added it to the painting.

After worship, I was given the chance to speak to the congregation. This doesn’t normally happen and it was such a valuable moment, as together we discussed what the Lord had been speaking to us all during the painting. We talked through the meaning of aligning ourselves with God’s authority and of “getting in Jesus’ boat”. And! We talked about the shark – yes someone saw it as a shark … and also about the seed pod – yes someone saw it as a mangrove seed pod about to burst open. We shared so much revelation from a simple, almost abstract, shape.

I rarely get the chance to tweak a painting with the benefit of input so I reflected on its prophetic meaning … and decided it was indeed a boat. Boats also represent authority.

I’d not painted a boat before so I was kind to myself and Googled boat images, in particular, fishing boats on Galilee. These photos show you the process of tweaking – I hope that helps you in many ways. Firstly, for you to know that YOU CAN PAINT OVER! As prophetic artists, we do not need to bow to the pressure of finishing a completed piece in one worship time. And also to encourage you that it’s okay to experiment as you go, try new things, stretch your abilities, make boats that look like sharks and still The Lord uses it all.

06/03/16 at Connections

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