Wendy Manzo on ‘Colour In Your Life’ TV Series

Wendy Manzo is interviewed by Colour In Your Life‘s Graeme Stevenson in this fine art Television episode (Season 4, Ep7). She paints live on camera and shares about her paintings, including tips and techniques, and the art materials she uses.

All 285 Colour In Your Life episodes, including Wendy’s episode, are part of The Lunar Codex SpaceX payload launching to the Moon in 2023. Exclusively preserved on nickel-shielded digital memory in the time capsule, the Polaris Collection is an expansive, international, and diverse collection of contemporary art and culture.

The Colour In Your Life TV series is an art show that takes you into the everyday studios of artists from around the world. While in the studio they share their individual techniques with the viewer in a creative atmosphere with the delightful host and fellow artist Graeme Stevenson and other CIYL team members. The Australian-produced Colour In Your Life series is currently filmed in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Watch Wendy’s CIYL TV show.

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