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Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point: This one’s personal. The painting is purely an artistic exercise as I was experimenting with different styles during my Master of Visual Art … however … analysing it again I realised it is delivering a prophetic word for me. (No surprise, He is always speaking 😊)

For a few months I have disengaged with friends on Facebook who have posted political commentaries – absolutely still loving them as friends, but simply chose to ‘opt out’. Whether I agree or disagree was not my criteria for disengagement, but I just made a choice to use the tool of Facebook for the purpose of participating in the joy of sharing our creative lives and celebrating friendship. No agendas. No venting. No persuasions. Truly not a matter of staying in my own world ‘bubble’, just a respite from the world’s friction.

The painting made me realise the benefits. It is meant to depict the ‘vanishing point’ in JMW Turner’s “Rain, Steam and Speed” (1844) and for me at this point in time that vanishing point is the absence of static noise. I realised that without the multitude of media-driven opinions, my sanity has returned. Time to thrive again. Hallelujah.

Title: “Vanishing Point”
Artist: Wendy Manzo
Size: 102cm x 75cm
Painted: 17/3/21 at Creative Hearts Art

The original is for sale.