A New Day


‘A New Day’ was chosen for the Make Poverty History art exhibition “Create to Advocate” in Parliament House, 08-09-2005.
This was the first exhibition inside Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra, and it opened the doors for many artists to follow.

‘A New Day’ is an original painting by Wendy Manzo, painted in Killara NSW, in professional acrylics on heavy-weight stretched canvas. The painting represents the dawning of an era of equality for all, marking a change in thinking for humanity. Wendy says, “I painted fire in the sky to match the fire in our hearts. The Make Poverty History campaign touched my heart and Create to Advocate was a group of artists, who whole-heartedly supported fundraising for the poorest of the poor on the planet. A billion people should not have to live on less than $2 dollars a day.”

Fuelled by international concerts by U2, Pearl Jam, Madonna, Coldplay, the campaign hit its stride in 2006. For those few years in the mid-2000s, the Make Poverty History was a massive movement full of hope. Sadly, the campaign shrivelled as polictal bipartisan support for aid increases crumbled.

“According to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, if developed nations made good on promises to give 70 cents to the world’s poorest from every $100 made, extreme poverty could be ended by 2025. The United Kingdom, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Luxembourg honoured undertakings, but Australia has never come close.” Rose Powell, 6 Sept 2014, SMH.

Sale of this painting, Giclee reproductions, and related merchandise (through RedBubble) are donated to Kids At Heart Australia, a charity committed to making the world a better, safer place.

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