Come Alive


“An image of light being hurled out of a golden jug flashed in my mind for just an instant.”

This is what Wendy Manzo has to say about painting ‘Come Alive’.

“The image came in a quick flash during the morning pre-service prayer at Pour It Out and when it didn’t leave me all day, I thought that must be the message for the evening service worship. Five minutes before our 5 pm start I googled images of pouring jugs and settled for this shape. I knew I needed a dark background to contrast the ‘light’. As I painted there was enormous high energy in the room – worship was a whirlwind of feelings – of manic joy, messy life, laughter, crying, a rabble chattering, an expectation of GOOD. I attempted to depict that in the background and included swirls of gold (always representing divinity and glory). In my mind, I could still see the light exploding out of the jar and in the light, I saw keys. I almost painted the keys in red but at the last moment as worship was finishing, I went with splashes and spurts of vivid red (always representing the Passion of Christ). Later discussing the painting the words kept coming “Explosive Outpouring” and “it’s NOT timid is it?!!” The energy and dynamics of the painting matched Robby Dawkins’ message: BE BOLD!”

“A friend said: Tonight’s painting is an explosion of God’s presence from a vessel that is whole, with continuing mini bursts like firecrackers and bonfire rockets popping and going off all around. Purity, Fire, Gold, the Blood of Jesus, Joy, Peace, Healing, Breakthrough, and I see people’s names floating in it: Jim, Nat, Alex and many others. (Thank you for writing that down Robyn Unicomb.) Another friend said: It’s just so appropriate that the earthen vessel is intact despite the amount of power bursting forth. Another friend said: It’s just LIFE!”

Title: Come Alive  ||  Artist: Wendy Manzo  || Painted: 27th Sept 2015 Pour It Out Church, Sunshine Coast

‘Come Alive’ has been selected to be reproduced as Giclee prints from an original prophetic artwork painted live in worship with Robby Dawkins at Pour It Out Church.

Giclee Reproductions are printed with a 3cm white border. See ‘Product Description’ for more Giclee details.

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About Giclee printing.

We use the word ‘print’ so that we are easily understood, however, technically speaking, our prints are not prints at all. They are fine art reproductions of original works. The quality is so high that it is difficult to tell between the reproduction and the original.

The most critical part of reproducing artwork is Digital Capture and Colour Correction, so the photographic file provides the truest representation of the original. It’s not just using a good camera, but using the right camera with expertise and experience. Wendy’s artwork is captured using specialised techniques to ensure your reproductions will be colour correct and faithfully reproduce all the detail and tones of the original painting.

Giclee Reproductions are premium high-resolution digital images produced on museum quality, Canson 300-320gsm Cotton Rag (fine cotton fibres woven into a paper-like product) printed with archival Canon Lucia EX 12-colour pigment high-performance inks. Canon Lucia EX pigment inks achieve an “under glass” permanence of 95 years for colour images.

Giclee can be confusing, as many may incorrectly assume that all digital printing is equal. Essentially Giclee (pronounced ‘zhee-clay’) is an invented name from the French word ‘le gicleur’ meaning ‘to squirt’. It was originally coined in 1991 to distinguish between common digital prints and the highest quality form of art reproductions using wide format inkjet printing technology. In 30+ years, this technology has advanced enormously, giving an even wider distinction between Giclee reproductions and digital prints. However, we still use the word ‘print’ because it is the common use of the term and it’s easier to say than ‘reproductions’.

Fine Art Giclee Reproductions should be protected by framing behind glass, using a matte to separate them from the glass. Consult your local framer for the best way to frame your art reproduction and read our blog article “Caring for your Fine Art” for information on ensuring your artwork still looks amazing for 3 – 4 generations. When you invest in a quality print you want it to last!

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Original 102 x 102cm, Print 30 x 30cm, Print 50 x 50cm