Fly Me To The Moon


“Fly me to the moon. Let me play among the stars … Let me see what Spring is like on Jupiter and Mars … In other words, please be true … “

In our twilight dream-state imagination, our heart’s desires flitter through sensations that feel like nothing is impossible. Even dancing on the moon.

‘Night Dance – Fly Me to the Moon’ is in the whimsical style of Faux Naif’ and was exhibited in the “Brush Tales ~ Wordless Stories” collection in 2019.

Here’s what myGC had to say: The Creative Hearts Art gallery proudly presents internationally recognised intuitive artist Wendy Manzo in ‘Brush Tales – Wordless Stories’, a new exhibition celebrating the art of storytelling. Original artworks capture the childlike essence of discovery. Wendy uses a complex dreamlike quality in these paintings to stir the imagination and reveal the stories hidden in our hearts. We will each hear a different story whispered to our souls.

Wendy says, “Brush Tales – Wordless Stories is inspired by my work in intuitive and prophetic painting, and knowing how art speaks directly to our heart. Every image we see tells a story to our soul. My love affair with intuitive art began 15 years ago when people were moved to tears as they experienced something profoundly deep interacting with my paintings. Images speak more loudly than words. I am passionate about art that impacts the spirit and art that brings light, hope and new life.”

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Dimensions 60 × 5 × 60 cm