New Life


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation …’ 2 Cor 5:17,18 

My intention was to depict an image of a large wise old tree with internal ‘spaces’ for interesting things that a squirrel might store away for a later day. However, the more I painted, the more disturbing the image became. The tree had taken the form of a female body and I sensed disease. I had to stop painting. 

The following day the painting underwent a morphosis. Large sections melted away under the brushstrokes until one centre ‘space’ became the focus and began to glow. A refreshing rain began falling, with golden leaves growing on vines and the sprouting seed in the centre. The words ‘leaves for the healing of the nations’ came to mind. The title ‘New Life’ is quite significant as the prophetic word is in the progress of the painting as much as the finished piece. 

There is a compelling turning point coming where the old will be rested in its proper place. There will be a renewing of the mind, from which the Lord will give you new space to co-create the future. Everything that you thought you knew, the Lord is renewing in a different way. Former things will dissolve and in the process the ground becomes fertile for new growth. 

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Giclee Reproductions are printed with a 3cm white border.

‘New Life’ has been selected from the book 40 Days hath November to be reproduced as Giclee prints. Technically speaking, our prints are not prints at all, not in the common use of the term, but are fine art reproductions of original works. The quality is so high that it is difficult to tell between the reproduction and the original. Giclee Reproductions are premium high-resolution digital images produced on museum quality, Canson 300-320gsm Cotton Rag (fine cotton fibres woven into a paper-like product) printed with archival Canon Lucia EX 12-colour pigment high-performance inks. Canon Lucia EX pigment inks achieve an “under glass” permanence of 95 years for colour images.

Giclee can be confusing, as many may incorrectly assume that all digital printing is equal. Essentially Giclee (pronounced ‘zhee-clay’) is an invented name from the French word ‘le gicleur’ meaning ‘to squirt’. Originally coined in 1991 to distinguish between common digital prints and the highest quality form of art reproductions using wide-format inkjet printing technology. In 30 years, this technology has advanced enormously, giving an even wider distinction between Giclee reproductions and digital prints. However, we still use the word ‘print’ so that we are easily understood.

Fine Art Giclee Reproductions should be framed behind glass, using a matte to separate them from the glass. Consult your local framer for the best way to frame your reproduction and ensure your artwork still looks amazing for 3 – 4 generations.

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