Spirit Untamed


“It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:7,8

When I set to paint this piece, I was perplexed because I kept being led to use a particular canvas with a work-in-progress that was larger than the upgrade I had promised. Eventually I surrendered and sensed it was a word of the Lord, saying He is upgrading your provision beyond what He promised. He is going to integrate all elements from your past experiences, and He is taking you on a wild adventure. Be ready!

I was drawn to adding red earth paint into the thicket of forest trees, and adding a pathway through an immense field of wildflowers, when ‘suddenly’ the spirit was upon the pathway and I sensed the Lord going before you. Wild at heart. Untamed. Skipping delightedly. I sensed His excitement that you have made space for the unexpected, and have not restricted Him to move only within your boundaries.

An unusual element of this painting is how it presents a gentle, peaceful scene, and yet underneath is a wild raging expression of a city on fire. The original painting speaks of unrestrained fervour for evangelism and unleashing the power of the Holy Spirit within, and this contrasts with the deliberate composed feeling of waiting upon the Spirit to move ahead now depicted. I sense you are a dual personality, able to respond quickly to wherever the Lord takes you. He is reminding you that nothing is wasted and all your experiences contribute to the anointing that falls on your coming adventures. Do not regret anything that you have experienced. Every facet of your personality is as He designed with no contradictions.

The forest represents the church, and the combined knowledge within. The path the Spirit takes around the forest seems significant, suggesting your ministry will flourish outside the bounds of ‘normal’ church, but the knowledge remains accessible. Not ever forgetting that God loves the forest. Trees also symbolise our responsibility, as we are called to steward and protect creation. The Spirit takes ten swirls upon the path, 10 representing God’s beloved commandments, which will hold you steadfast.

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Giclee Reproductions are printed with a 3cm white border.

‘Spirit Untamed’ has been selected from the book 40 Days hath November to be reproduced as Giclee prints. Technically speaking, our prints are not prints at all, not in the common use of the term, but are fine art reproductions of original works. The quality is so high that it is difficult to tell between the reproduction and the original. Giclee Reproductions are premium high-resolution digital images produced on museum quality, Canson 300-320gsm Cotton Rag (fine cotton fibres woven into a paper-like product) printed with archival Canon Lucia EX 12-colour pigment high-performance inks. Canon Lucia EX pigment inks achieve an “under glass” permanence of 95 years for colour images.

Giclee can be confusing, as many may incorrectly assume that all digital printing is equal. Essentially Giclee (pronounced ‘zhee-clay’) is an invented name from the French word ‘le gicleur’ meaning ‘to squirt’. Originally coined in 1991 to distinguish between common digital prints and the highest quality form of art reproductions using wide-format inkjet printing technology. In 30 years, this technology has advanced enormously, giving an even wider distinction between Giclee reproductions and digital prints. However, we still use the word ‘print’ so that we are easily understood.

Fine Art Giclee Reproductions should be framed behind glass, using a matte to separate them from the glass. Consult your local framer for the best way to frame your reproduction and ensure your artwork still looks amazing for 3 – 4 generations.

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20 x 27cm, 30 x 40cm