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The Colour of Sound

The Making of ‘Colour of Sound’

I felt privileged to paint alongside of several artists at Friends First Church in Melbourne, including Robert Gerlach and other students from our prophetic art workshop at Stairway Church, Whitehorse, the previous day. Friends First is renown for embracing their church as a family, and they certainly made me feel accepted and welcome.

We set up early while the band rehearsed and I remembered a quick sketch I had done a few months ago depicting a flaming guitar. I felt it was the time to paint that image. During the pre-service prayer I kept noticing the young guitarist, and I took a photo of his guitar. The painting came quickly and easily and I sensed a healing presence in the sounds of worship that morning. I’ve often spoken about the colour of sound and the sound of colour. In heaven, colours have a sound and you can see music. Those who have preached about quantum physics have often spoken about a sound that resonates in our DNA where the molecules in our bodies are aligned with the Kingdom, and in that place healing occurs. After the service I learned that the church were recording their first album and the young guitarist was instrumental in the writing of the songs. I believe the painting was a confirmation of healing anointing on this album.

The Making of the Colour of Sound

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