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Ice Cave

Ice Cave

Our wrath provides a plethora of environments and atmosphere for sustaining life. Meltwater streams carve out remarkable labyrinths in glaciers. I stand in awe. At my feet in the ice cave is a sheer clear ice floor and I see waters teeming with life beneath me. This is an extraordinary time to be alive and appreciate the wonders of my planet.

As I was painting this in the gallery, a client visited and watched. He asked what I was painting and I replied that I did not yet know. He pointed out the tiny cave at the base of the steep ice crag and suddenly I could imagine the whole scene with an ice adventure unfolding. The imagination is magic!

Size: 60cm x 60cm
Medium: Acrylics on canvas
Painted: 18th January 2020 live at Creative Hearts Art gallery studio (using paint left from a class that I could not bear to wash away!)

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