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Birth of Revival

Sometimes a painting releases its anointing over time and has several seasons of significance. Birth of Revival was painted after a week of prayer nights with the Pour It Out team crying out for revival over the southeast coast of Queensland. In pre-service prayer before I painted in worship, pastor Jodie Hughes saw eggs “cracking” over my head in the spirit. We knew this painting was significant – we felt it – and … in the following January 2016, Pour It Out church experienced the extraordinary – a weekend of revival meetings that continued for over THREE months. What was initially a 3-day meeting became 100 days of breakthroughs, healing, prayer and rejoicing. Significant times indeed. I’ve often been prompted to revisit this painting, as if it has been telling me, “Pay attention!” The time is now. What we’ve been birthing is about to come upon us!

Title: “Birth of Revival”
Artist: Wendy Manzo
Size: 91cm x 91cm
Painted: Prophetic Worship at Pour It Out Church, Sunshine Coast, 2015

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