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In One Accord

In One Accord is a worship painting done to 3 songs as a speed-painting demonstration in our Prophetic Art Workshop.

At first, I thought this painting represented Jesus, the disciples, and the great cloud of witnesses surrounding us (Hebrews 12:1), or it may have been the 153 ‘sons of God’ (John 21:6), but the class saw the Bride of Christ walking on the water with Him.

Some of the responses people who were there in the class brought me to tears – holy tears. I think hearing others put it into words means a lot more!

Fiona: “Are you Walking on Water?” ~ As you painted it you said out loud, “Are you walking on the water?” It hit me really deeply as though it was a question to me from the Lord. I know this may not have been your intention but The Holy Spirit used your words powerfully to stop me in that moment and consider how I am doing life. It was really arresting and a very essential question for me. It seemed like a question to sharpen the accuracy of one’s path and the level of trust. Alerting me to some wavering and dependence on self rather than the Father. Very grateful and blessed by that whole experience of witnessing you paint but especially that moment.

Sue: “Transcend” ~ I love this painting and watching you through the process of creating it was an awesome experience. It feels like an invitation to transcend.

Julie: “Living Water” ~ I see a bunch of peeps standing in a group but a washing happening by the Spirit. It’s as if a waterfall is moving through them.

Jill: “Then Sings my Soul” ~ This reminds me of the church choir and just joyous togetherness. Joining Heaven’s Choir. A place of Faith and Holiness, being able to walk on water.

Hannah: “Souls Awaken” ~ The sense I had was waiting, expectant, with anticipation. They are standing firm as testimonies to the One they serve.

Sarah: “In One Accord” ~ The first sense I got was IN ONE ACCORD or ‘with one voice’ as it feels like they are worshipping in one accord!

Title: “In One Accord”
Artist: Wendy Manzo
Size: 91cm x 91cm
Painted: 4 June 2022 at Tanawha Kingdom House, Sunshine Coast, in Prophetic Art Workshop.

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