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Cup of Grace

Bright blue teacups matched with bold colours. I intended to paint beautiful, ornate, stacked teacups with delicate patterns, cups that are not used every day, but a shift came when I painted this teacup. It took the style of an everyday cup. It had a strong sense of purpose and was not to be stored away unused.

This cup characterizes the value of practical beauty. The background has many layers and textures, depicting a diverse journey, but the overall covering is gold, representing divine glory. Blue represents healing, the pale blue is emotional healing, the red is the passion and power of Christ, and orange is intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

The teacup represents personal ministry, those times of one-to-one conversations ‘over a cup of tea’ are when we minister deeply to one another’s hearts.

Grace is God’s empowering presence within us that enables us to do the good things that we dream of doing, but are often just beyond our abilities. Grace is given to us for the purpose of increasing faith in others. The grace of hospitality is often more powerful than a ministry from the pulpit. Kindness, graciousness, and the ability to make people feel comfortable and connected is indeed the “entertaining of angels”. Grace be with you!

Title: “Cup of Grace”
Artist: Wendy Manzo
Size: 40cm x 50cm
Painted: Wendy Manzo Art Studio 30 October 2022

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